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24 Business Ventures I Plan to Tackle

Here are a list of currently running businesses I have created along with some of the ventures I plan to start in the future.

Current Functioning Ventures:

  1. Shaman Shawn Inc. (www.shamanshawn.com)
  2. Treat Yourself Massage & Wellness Center (www.treatyourselfmassage.com)
  3. Life Coaching / Motivational Speaking (www.SHAME2FAME.com)
  4. Real Estate
  5. Adult Entertainer
    • Amateur Adult Film Star (Xtube.com  – Viewer Discretion (18+))
    • Webcam Model (Chaturbate.com  – Viewer Discretion (18+))
  6. Groupon Affiliate (Check out Discounts & Deals)

Current Ventures in Progress:

  1. Taste or Torch (www.tasteortorch.com)
  2. He Got It Maid (www.hegotitmaid.com)
  3. She Got It Maid (www.shegotitmaid.com)
  4. InstaFliXXX / InstaFliXXX Mansion (www.instaflixxx.com  – Viewer Discretion (18+))
  5. Car Flipping
  6. Express It Daily

Future Ventures:

  1. Food Truck (Ish & Rice) / Restaurant
  2. Ice Cream Truck
  3. Yolo Portfolio
  4. Barber Shop
  5. Nail Salon
  6. Beauty Salon / Beauty Supply Store
  7. GEEK SQD – Computer Solutions
  8. Graduation Parties / Events Coordination
  9. High School Alumni Website
  10. Massage School Alumni Website
  11. WWSD Stuff
    • The STUFF Store (W.W.S.D) (Coming Soon..)
  12. Event Planning
  13. “Younique” Presentations

All of these (and probably more that i cant think of right now) produce income from as small as 1 Penny a day up to much more copious amounts.


Details about all coming soon…

2 thoughts on “24 Business Ventures I Plan to Tackle”

  1. Hi boss…..

    I see that you don’t list Younique Presentations on your “Business Ventures” and Imma thinking that that might make you some very nice change with minimum effort once you have some pretty fish doing most of the work presenting. We know what effect you have on boys, so work that charm, charisma and salesmanship on your classmates and get these girls moving….lol!! Glad you have power on..ttyl..xxoooxx J

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