Recent Updates

Recent Updates

Mr Robinson is Still at it in 2019 .. smh
12/05/2019 by #THoTMasTer215

Andrew Drank in Miami!
02/12/2018 by #THoTMasTer215

Mr. Robinson is Still Running
02/02/2018 by #THoTMasTer215

Unexpected EGGspectations
01/29/2018 by #THoTMasTer215

A Message from Mr. Robinson
01/20/2018 by #THoTMasTer215

Our Trip to Baltimore
01/22/2016 by #THoTMasTer215

The Day I Met Mr. Robinson
09/24/2014 by #THoTMasTer215

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The story of “the one who got away”..

The devil and the love are in the details…

While there was an issue at my place at that time, as a truth teller the truth shall be told and it shall be nothing but the truth, so help me Gawd! Not adding nothing to it or taking anything from it our real problem happened early Spring 2015. This is where the roots of … Continue reading “The devil and the love are in the details…”