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Course 1 – Sub Training 101

DADDY is BIG on Education. He enjoys Teaching and TRAINING men how to be good SUB-MISSivES and  ultimately better Pleasers.

DADDY’s Submissive Training Course advances from Mild to Wild starting with:

Course 1 – Sub Training 101

Course Goals:

Instill a Sub-Sexual Vocabulary

Instill the Basics of Physical Obedience

Course Description:

In (Course 1) the beginning sub will be learning the guidelines and rules to being a sub in DADDY’s classroom. DADDY will Instill a Sub-Sexual Vocabulary, replacing words such as Cock Cum and Balls with more Sub-Suitable words. He will also Instill the Basics of Physical Obedience by getting his sub into Formation. (for lack of better terms)

If you are a good boy during class, DADDY may give you a Special Reward ?

Requirements & Outcomes:

Minimum donation = $1

Bring 1 gift of your choice.

Become DADDY’s (Pet)

Gain Access to
Course 2 – Pleasuring Yourself

3 Private Classes will be held in Philadelphia, PA on Sunday, Mar 18th!!
6 PM – (1 person)
8 PM – (1 person)
10 PM – (1 person)

1 Free Group Class will be held at:
12 Midnight
(3 person max)



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