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While in college I met WIDE VARIETY of people. From the people on campus to the people I met as I traveled the world, I learned a lot about people and their “Ways of Living”. My main goal in meeting and talking to people was to gain a good understanding of what makes people “Tick”.. basically the reason why people do the things they do.

There was one man in particular that had a major impact on the way I see the world. I wont name him (for privacy reasons) but he was very successful man. It was kinda interesting because I met him as an “Escort” (I’ll talk about that later) .. But it turned out to be much more than that.

He owned a bunch of real estate and owned a couple different businesses and we would sit in one of his warehouses… doing drugs.. and talking about life and how he got successful. We had some very deep and intellectual conversations, and he would literally sit there and explain certain life principles, and write things down, and tell me to do my own research. These weren’t principles he made up but just stuff he learned along the way.

The 4 Types of People was the First one he explained, this is my version of it:

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